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I make pipes since 1994. It is 25 years. We are a small workshop and we have always put our effort on pipes with intention to “to make rather good pottery then expensive china”. Many have happened over the years. We have moved three times and was faced to various crises both personal or work. World of pipes has changed, small pipe shops are disappearing and all is moving to web and social networks. The world is changing and new technologies are more and more influencing most of aspects of our lives but we want to stay at traditional workmanship as much as we can. We are using for standard production a modern CNC milling machine but despite of it each pipes is from more than 80% hand made work. Most of pipes is produced in small batches but small part is made personally me and entirely from hand. But definitely, all pipes are made with interest to them and to you as well.

Olda jirsa


Oldřich jirsa
U mlýna 28
27062 Rynholec
IČO 13283260
DIČ CZ6202200774

email: info@jirsa.cz

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